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Ledia Lighting Participate In The Revision Of The National Standards Approved For Release
Release time:2018-02-06  source:NEWS

At the beginning of 2018,the Chinese national standard GB/T17743-2017 was issued , LEDIA lighting participated the revision of this standard .

Recently General Administration of quality supervision and National Standards Commission jointly issued a national standard announcement( No.32 of 2017):  GB/T17743-2017 Limits and methods of measurement of radio disturbance characteristic of electrical lighting and similar equipment which LEDIA Lighting participated in revising was approved to release, the standard was published on December 29, 2017, and it will replace the existing standard GB/T 17743-17743 on July 1, 2018.

GB/T 17743 standard stipulated the Limits and methods of measurement of radio-frequency disturbance characteristic of electrical lighting (radiation and harassment), which is the technical standard that must be used in the EMC project of CCC certificate, a former compulsory standard now will be changed to voluntary standard, compared with the old standard, the new standard has improved the technical details, eg: further defining the standard applicable scope, increasing the LED light source and the limits and methods of relevant lamps as well as the lamp cord, also the disturbance voltage measurement layout of indoor and outdoor lamps, etc.

The above implementations not only standardize the detection technology of LEDIA products, but also strongly promote the image and social influence of LEDIA Lighting.

LEDIA Lighting, as a national high-tech enterprise, is qualified with the national laboratory recognized by CNAS, Guangdong Engineering Research Center, Guangzhou Enterprise R&D Institution, etc. Also be equipped with leading technology, strong design and development team and the large-scale testing platform.

Relying on the strong technical strength, LEDIA Lighting actively participate in the drafting and revision of the national standards. At the same time, we vigorously promote the standardization work and accelerate the development of the lighting industry. As a leading manufacturer, we intend to make the contribution to the national standardization work!

In the consensus of “Third-rate companies make products, second-rate business selling brand and first-class enterprise making standard”, our LEDIA will, as always, focus on the product development, devote to technological innovation and promote the enterprise development by technology progress!

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