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D Series UGR Linear Light

Stream series is a new professional office linear light applied in office area, with modern design and its multiple connection ways attract global eyes. To meet the multi-application on different areas, this structure completed with les, reflector, rhombus diffuser, honeycomb-shape reflector.

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    1. Characteristics
    ◆   Stylish and Unique design                                                                                             
    ◆   Various Connections: X, +, L, V, T, Y, □, ◇…                                                         
    ◆   Field Adjustable Angles With Scale Marking
    ◆   Unique Patent Connector Design Enables Multi Innovative Projects  
    ◆   Motion sensor, BBU optional                                                                           
    ◆   Customized power watt and size are available

    1. Technical Parameters
    Item Power(W) Lumen Output(lm) Input Voltage(V) CCT(K) UGR
    LD-LF-D30-XX-YY 30W 3600 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 28
    LD-LF-D40-XX-YY 40W 4800 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 28
    LD-LF-D50-XX-YY 50W 6000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 28
    Item Power(W) Lumen Output(lm) Input Voltage(V) CCT(K) UGR
    LD-LF-U19-D30-XX-YY 30W 3000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 19
    LD-LF-U19-D40-XX-YY 40W 4000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 19
    LD-LF-U19-D50-XX-YY 50W 5000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 19
    Item Power(W) Lumen Output(lm) Input Voltage(V) CCT(K) UGR
    LD-LF-U16-D30-XX-YY 30W 3000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 16
    LD-LF-U16-D40-XX-YY 40W 4000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 16
    LD-LF-U16-D50-XX-YY 50W 5000 220-240/100-240 3500K/6500K 16

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