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Top-rated NSF High bay

◆ LED NSF high bay light
◆ Ideal replacement of fluorescent fixtures
◆ Perfect to apply in: food processing plant, warehouse, factory, chemical facilities, etc.

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  • 1. Characteristics


    ◆ IP66, waterproof construction, corrosion resistant, NSF certified for food processing applications and hose down requirements


    ◆ Suitable for operation at elevated temperatures up to 60℃(140℉)


    ◆ Aluminum smooth body housing with seamless design greatly reduces dust and debris accumulation


    ◆ No exposed screws and glass for use in applications of machinery and food processing


    ◆ Ring hook and 400mm power cord


    ◆ High efficiency, up to 130 lumens per watt with lens for high optional performance


    ◆ Motion sensor optional

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