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AC 5050RGB Color Change Series

1.Dual-color and Super clear PVC extrusion makes it looks very attractive
2.LM-80 approved LED with premium quality and high brightness
3.The flexible PCB with 2oz back copper layer are good heat dissipation, electrical safety and longer maximum length per input
4.Resistant against water, UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion.
5. Easy installation and re-connect accessories.
6.Estimated lifetime L70 at Ta<45°C:>40000h.

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  • 1. Product Descriptions


    Dual-color or super clear PVC extrusion

    UV and yellowish resistant

    IP65 and salt-mist proof

    UL 94V0 PVC available

    Maximum continous length of up to 50m

    Controlled color temperture ajustable

    Jumping, fading and gradient lighting effect available

    Easy installation and re-connect accessories








    2. Product spec sheet

    Typ. Input LED LED Typ. FPC Width Cutting Over Size Max Length Material IP Rating
    Power Voltage Type Qty Color Temp Intervals Per Input
    10W/m AC230V SMD5050 RGB 60LEDs RGB 12mm 1000mm W(16.5mm)*
    50m Super-clear
    PVC Extrusion
    10W/m AC230V SMD5050 RGB 60LEDs RGB 12mm 1000mm W(16.5mm)*
    50m Dual-Color
    PVC Extrusion


    Notes: The given data are typical values, electrical power can vary up to 10%; any other customized spec requirements, pls contact our sales team directly.


    3. Product Size



    4. Suitable Accessories










  • AC 5050RGB Color Change Series

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