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RGB Color Changing Series

1.Uniform,absolutely homogeneous illumination
2.LM-80 approved LED of the premium quality with high brightness
3.High amount of copper in FPC ensure excellent heat dissipation
4.Resistant against water, UV radiation, chemicals and abrasion
5.Safe and simple connection system for easy on-site installation after cutting
6.Estimated lifetime L70>40000h( at Ta<45°C)

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  • 1. Product descriptions

    Available in dot-free color chasing lighting effect

    Minimum pixel length of 6LEDs

    Shorter cutting intervals 1000mm

    Longer connection length per input of up to 20m

    P65 or IP67 rated and for damp or wet locations use

    Easy installation due to solder-free connectors


    2. Product spec sheet


    Power Input Voltage LED Type LED Qty Color Temp Lighting
    FPC Width Cutting Intervals Over Size Max Length
       Per Input
    Material IP Rating
    10.8W/m DC24V SMD5050 60LEDs RGB Flat 10mm 1000mm 10*20mm 20m Dual-Color
       PVC Extrusion
    12W/m DC24V SMD5050 60LEDs RGB
       Digital Color
    Flat 10mm 1000mm 10*20mm 20m Dual-Color
       PVC Extrusion
    9W/m DC24V SMD5050 72LEDs RGB
       Digital Color
    Flat 10mm 1000mm 17*16mm 20m Dual-Color
       PVC Extrusion



  • RGB Color Changing Series

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